Black Friday Wishlist


Some of the stuff I will get for Black Friday, or I wish I could get! These include the Pixel 3a, which is a whole $100 off; the Blink XT2, which is 40% off and FREE Amazon Echo Dot, among others! Check them out!

Google Pixel 3a - $100 off!

I have the Google Pixel 3 and love it. I've seen the reviews of the Pixel 4, and while of course it's technically better (at least spec-wise), I'm still 100% satisfied with my Pixel 3.

Now. The Pixel 3a is somewhat of half-step down from the Pixel 3, but from the reviews I've watched, it's really similar and a REALLY good phone.

With that said, the Pixel 3a is $100 off in all of its configurations, making the 64 GB base model just $299 plus tax. The sale is in different stores, like Best Buy and Google Store; but if you get it through Amazon, you can take advantage of Prime, with fast, free shipping!

So while I'm NOT going to get this phone, I still think it's worth mentioning to other people who are considering an Android phone but don't want to go all-out with the fanciest, latest -- and most expensive!

Here's the full breakdown of the Black Friday 2019 prices:

Pixel 3a, 64 GB - $299 -

Pixel 3, 64 GB - $451.30 -

Pixel 3, 128 GB - Unavailable -

Pixel 3a XL, 64 GB - $379 -

Pixel 3 XL, 64 GB - $549 -

Google Pixel 4 - $200 Off!

Why did I list the Pixel 3a before the Pixel 4? Well, a lot of reasons. For one, the Pixel 3a gets you a LOT of similarities to the Pixel 4, but for much, much less. I mean, why spend $799 (or $599 Black Friday) if you can spend $299! That's between $200-500 less!

So, while there are many good reviews of the Pixel 4 out there, I'll get to the gist of it: the Pixel has a lot of improvements (mainly because technology is newer, duh!), and only a few new features. With the Pixel 4, you get an extra lens, but that's only the telephoto lens. This means that you can "zoom" in into pictures and still get a good result, rather than the grainy, pixelated result we get with most other camera phones. At the same time, please note that there is no wide-lens here! Why not? No idea. And for the techies, there's no 4K with 60 fps...

For that money, you could well get the Samsung Galaxy S10+, with 128GB, which has all of those features, for $799... #justsayin

Even so. Here is the listing, since it's still a good phone, and who doesn't like $200 off on a flagship phone by Google.

My take? If you're a content creator, tech enthusiast, or any type of Geek (including geek-wanna-be like me), then go get the Pixel 3a. It's much cheaper, and you can use the money you save towards another gadget, like the ones up next!

Full breakdown of Black Friday 2019 prices:

Pixel 4, 64 GB - $599 -

Pixel 4, 128 GB - Unavailable -

Pixel 4 XL, 64 GB - $699 -

Pixel 4 XL, 128 GB - $793 -

I got one of these for my mom and one for me last year. There are many things I like about it, and I should also mention that I got the Blink XT 1st generation. The XT2 has two-way audio (and some other improvements that I have not, in all honesty, researched about).

These are little security cameras that actually run on AA batteries -- yes, you read right: AA batteries! Please note, though, that these are lithium batteries (same technology used in our phones' batteries, I think). So, if you're going to pick up a case of Blink's, then also consider getting a pack of AA Lithium batteries, or, heck, even some rechargeable AA lithium batteries. (Spoiler: I have both!)

Last year I got a Blink XT (first gen) for my mom and one for me. This year I was waiting for Black Friday sale to get a few more cameras, and while it's usually cheaper to get just the "add-on" cameras, with the holiday deals it's cheaper to get the entire kit -- PLUS you get an Amazon Echo Dot for FREE!

Also note, the regular Blink is cheaper, but it's for in-door only, so for some more dollars you end up getting weather-proof and infrared night vision. Totally worth it on my book -- again, not to mention the FREE Amazon Echo Plus. Worse case scenario, post it on eBay!

As for the device, instead of listing the features and all that, I'll get to the gist of it: it's a good security camera, but more than that, it's super convenient. Amazon claims the batteries will last you up to two years, which is awesome because you won't have to take them down to charge them every two months or so. Also, no cables are needed (aside from the power cable), and the setup it's pretty straight forward. The regular Blink is for indoors only, so with the XT2 you also get weather-proof body and infrared night vision. Worth the upgrade on my book!

So. My recommendation. Get the Blink XT2, two camera kit, and MAKE SURE you click on "With Free Echo Dot" because it's NOT selected by default (happened to be by mistake already!), and because the price is the same as without it (hence it's "free").

Here's the full breakdown for Black Friday 2019:

Blink XT2 - 1 Camera Kit - $74 -

Blink XT2 - 2 Camera Kit - $134 -

Blink XT2 - 3 Camera Kit - $184 -

Blink XT2 - 5 Camera Kit - $284 -

Blink XT2 - Add-On Camera - $69 -

(Note, regular Blink does NOT include the free Amazon Echo Dot)

Blink - 1 Camera Kit - $59 -

Blink - 2 Camera Kit - $99 -

Blink - 3 Camera Kit - $149 -

Blink - 5 Camera Kit - $209 -

Blink - Add-On Camera - $54 -